Monday, November 4, 2013

Audio of Big Sky Coaches Media Call

If you want to hear six minutes or so of each Big Sky coach answering questions, then today is your lucky day. Here is the audio from the Big Sky coaches preseason media call from last week. I posted quite a few thoughts on twitter last week as well.

Don't mind the guy with the nasally voice asking lots of questions! That's me!

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  1. The Katz phone call has a discussion about changes in the way games will be called across the NCAA by the refs. Any more details on this? This is the first time I have heard of this issue.

  2. It seems as though the NCAA will be trying to more strictly enforce foul calls as a way to help the defense and create a more flowing offensive game... some coaches seem to think it will have a big effect, other coaches don't really think it will make any difference... it will be interesting to watch,

  3. The area of emphasis is on allowing offensive players unobstructed movement. That means no grabbing, bumping or holding away from the ball. There is also a new interpretation of the block/charge -- the defensive player has to be in legal guarding position before the player raises the ball to shoot, rather than before he leaves the floor. There have been horror stories around the nation of officiated scrimmages where up to 80 fouls have been called, and in an exhibition game last week, Louisville was in the bonus in 2.5 minutes. But I talked with the officials working ISU's exhibition game last night and they said they don't see it having a huge impact. The new interpretations were not noticeable in the way the game was called last night. We shall see.