Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sacramento State Beats Weber State At The Buzzer

A lot happened before the final 15 seconds of this game, but they weren't nearly as exciting as the final 15 seconds. Let's run down the scene:

- Weber State had the ball, trailing 71-70. Davion Berry had the ball up top, and they called a handcheck foul on Sacramento State (which did seem to be a weak call). Sac State coach Brian Katz protested on the sideline, and got called for the quickest technical I've seen in a while. With the technical and the foul call, Davion Berry went to the line shooting 4.

- Berry missed the two technical foul shots, but then made the two foul shots. 72-71, 15 seconds left.

- The Hornets took the ball down to the other end, and tried to do a handoff at the top of the key. The ball was fumbled, and there was a scramble on the floor, and the whistles blew. I am still not totally sure what the actual call was. Anyway, Randy Rahe started protesting, and he got whistled for a technical foul call that was as quick as the one on Katz. Additionally, Weber State called a timeout when they had no timeouts, resulting in another technical.

- For the second time in 10 seconds, someone was shooting four free throws. This time, it was Mikh McKinney, who made all four. Hornets led 75-72 with just over 6 seconds left.

- Davion Berry got the ball for Weber State, and with 0.7 seconds left on the clock, he drained a 30 footer to tie the game at 75, presumably sending it to double OT.

- Dylan Garrity said not so fast, draining the 75 footer.


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