Thursday, December 4, 2014

Portland State's Bryce White Fakes Handshake, Steals Ball, Dunks

Missed this from yesterday... at the end of the Portland/Portland State game (which Portland won by 12), PSU's Bryce White faked a handshake, stole the ball, and got a late dunk. Video below.

Thanks to Deadspin for unearthing (that's where I saw it first).

I can understand frustration about losing, especially to a rival, cross-town school... but yikes. Sportsmanship doesn't get a whole lot worse than that.

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  1. Do you realize the spread opened at UP -12.5 and that would have covered the spread. Also I was at the game and there were a long stretch of no calls on PSU under the 5 minute mark.

  2. I did not see that, just had seen that it seemed to be around -10 or -11 by game time... very strange all around, to say the least.