Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tyler Harvey to Test Draft Waters, Has Not Hired Agent

In a bit of a surprise, Eastern Washington's Tyler Harvey has announced that he will explore his options for the NBA Draft, but he will not hire an agent. That means he can pull out of the draft if he wants, but it sounds like his decision is pretty well made.

"When I went home (for spring break) I had a good chance to talk to my family about everything and what happened this year," Harvey said. "I was fortunate and blessed enough to lead the NCAA in scoring and we had a great year as a team, so we felt like the time was right. We thought this was the best opportunity to pursue a professional career."
As you would expect, Jim Hayford is very supportive.

"The dream of nearly every elite college player is to make it to the NBA," said Eastern head coach Jim Hayford of the first team Academic All-American who has a 3.60 grade point average and is one class shy of his degree. "Tyler has our full support and we know he will give it his best."
As a fan, certainly it would be great to see him back, because he is one of the most exciting players in all of college basketball. He led the NCAA in scoring, has limitless range, and a very underrated off the bounce game. It would have been fun to watch him one more year in Cheney.

However, you can't help but be happy for the guy. If you have read anything on him over the past year, you know how hard he has worked to get to where he is at, from not being able to get a scholarship to being able to declare for the draft after his junior year. Hopefully he can make it in the NBA, but if not, he should have a long and prosperous career overseas.

But I've got to think there's a spot on an NBA roster for a deadeye shooter with deeeeep range!

All I can say, it's been quite a blast watching him develop the last three years. What a player.

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  1. I'm hoping he comes back. From a draft standpoint, I don't know what he can do to push himself into the first round. His limitations relate to size and athleticism. In a year, he could add some bulk, which he's going to need to play any sort of NBA minutes. Another year won't increase his vertical, and he's always been quicker left-right than he has been explosive north-south.

    I don't know what I would do with a decision like his, but it's the definition of win-win. If he stays, he becomes EWU's all-time leading scorer, has his jersey retired on senior night, and plays on a team that will be favored to win the conference. If he leaves, he begins cashing professional paychecks. A lot of this probably depends on the feedback he gets before April 12th, but most of the potential feedback cannot be too much of a mystery.

  2. Smart young man, may be very close to undergraduate degree as he red shirted year one. Not projected close to a 1st round pick. . One online site has him 60th, and one 45th. Will he return to NCAA if he is not likely to get 1st round guaranteed contract? lack of agent suggests quite possibly yes. May have declared just to get a more precise idea where sits and what he needs to work on with respect to NBA .

  3. The other question is can his stock increase much by coming back another year? He is a great player, and he had a lot of press this year. Will that continue next season, and if not will it hurt his draft stock?

    This is a tough decision.