Sunday, July 29, 2012

Top Departing #2: Chehales Tapscott

With the throes of the offseason all around us, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the 20 best players that are departing from the Big Sky, either due to graduating, declaring for the draft, or transferring.

Chehales Tapscott for Portland State was the stat sheet stuffer in the Big Sky last season. He averaged over 14 PPG, over nine rebounds per game (to lead the conference), about two assists, two steals, and a little over a block per game. He led the conference in rebounding despite the fact that was a 6'5'' power forward.

I asked before the season if he was the best big man in the Big Sky, and I think he showed the answer to be a resounding yes. He did a ton of things to help them win ballgames, and he (along with Charles Odum) was a big reason why they finished with a winning record and gave Weber State a run for their money in the tournament semifinals.

Offensively, he became a lot more efficient. He shot 57% from twos, and didn't take too many threes (shooting a respectable 31%), and improved his free throw percentage to 74%. He shot 175 free throws on the season, getting to the line almost six times per game. His true shooting percentage was 60%.

He increased his rebounding percentages this season as well. His DR% was top 100 in the NCAA, and his OR% was just outside there. His block and steal percentages increased this year as well. He was seventh in the Big Sky in block percentage, and third in steal percentage. He was a man that did it all.

Tapscott was one of the most entertaining players to watch in the conference, simply because you didn't know what he might do on a given night. He should (in my opinion) get a look at playing overseas, because he has a skill set for that if he wants to pursue it. He was the best post player in the conference, despite the fact that he was 6'5''. He was huge for Tyler Geving in terms of rebuilding the PSU program.

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