Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Offseason

The offseason is upon us.

Posting has been slow... because I was worn out from the year. But soon here, I will get back on track to posting some thoughts. I have some ideas for what to write about in the offseason... but anything you guys want to read about? I would love any suggestions!

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  1. Recruiting....and you can start writing about Idaho now, with them joining the league in 2014. Would be interesting to hear about their prospects, whether Verlin will survive to see them into the new league, their recruiting, etc. Thanks, great job in covering the Sky...

  2. Jon, thanks again for providing such an outstanding site! I'm sure I speak for many when I saw we really appreciate the hard work you do and the fine content you provide. This is the best site when it comes to Big Sky basketball.

    As far as ideas for the offseason, recruiting always seems to an interesting topic - especially for the school involved.

    Conference shuffling always intrigues me, especially as it hits close to home. For example, do recent movements (rumored or not) in the Summit League, Horizon, and MVC create a ripple effect which could cause North Dakota to look that way? Or do NDSU and SDSU bail on the Summit, thus causing USD to look the Big Sky way?

    I also like to read about facilities, such as renovations or brand new additions. News as it relates to all of NCAA basketball can be interesting as well.

    Thanks again. Take some well deserved rest during the offseason too!

  3. Looks like some Big Sky names are listed as transfers: