Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Matt Schuman Passes Away

If you have attended any Northern Colorado basketball games, you have likely seen Matt Schuman of the Greeley Tribune. He was almost an omniscient figure at Northern Colorado games, being their beat writer for the Tribune. We crossed paths often over the past couple of seasons, so I was sorry to hear of his passing. Scott Ward for UNC wrote a great piece on Matt, and you should read it.

The world owed Matt Schuman a lot—it's just not fair that he was born the way he was, and I was born the way I was—but he would have disagreed with this sentence. He never came looking to collect on the debt. He tackled every day with zest and energy and kept his eyes on the box scores, looking for the next great story to tell.

I'm going to miss him, and I'm never going to forget him.

I hope he's in a place now where he can run and catch some footballs over the middle. Where he can leg out a triple, run a 400, hit a nasty return serve and really see what it's like to split that high screen and hit that 20-footer.

For nearly 30 years Matt told the stories of others who could do those things with the littlest of effort. He deserves the chance now, and I hope there's a reporter there ready to document his successes.
RIP Matt.

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