Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Top Departing #3: Jackson Stevenett

I am counting down the top 20 players that are departing the Big Sky via graduation, transfer, or any other way.

With Southern Utah entering their first season in the Big Sky last year, it was hard to know how to project how Jackson Stevenett would project. He had shown flashes of being an efficient offensive player, but it was still going to be completely new competition.

He was just fine, thank you very much.

Stevenett capped off a stellar career with an excellent senior year, one that saw him average 17.6 PPG and 6.1 RPG. While he never became an outside sharpshooter, his offensive game inside the arc was about as good as anyone else in the conference.

He shot 48% on twos last year, down from 53% as a junior. However, he did get better at getting to the free throw line (he shot about five per game), shooting a sparkling 87% when he got there. All in all, his 109.1 ORtg was one of the best in the conference, especially for a player with his usage (his shot percentage was in the top 150 nationally).

He also took better care of the ball in his senior year, with a TO Rate of 13.8, also excellent for a player with his usage rates. While he was not a great rebounder, he was certainly above average for someone that is 6'4'', giving him a nice all-around game.

Nick Robinson got a nice blessing when Stevenett was a senior in year one of his regime. Though he will be very tough to replace, he helped lead the Thunderbirds to a lot better finish than many (myself included) thought they would have in year one.

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