Friday, February 7, 2014

An Update on Montana's Replay System

Last night in my post, I incorrectly stated that it was the replay monitor for Montana that was broken and needed to be fixed. As it turns out, that was not exactly right.

I received some clarification from the Big Sky Conference:

It’s not the “monitor” that is broken at Montana. That could easily be fixed. The replay system on the school’s tricaster had a catastrophic malfunction last week. The entire replay system can’t be used – not on the in-screen video board, not on our Watch Big Sky broadcast. A replacement has been ordered, but they’ve been told it will take at least four weeks to get it.
That at least makes much more logical sense.

They also noted that they reviewed the play, and say the officials got it right. Even though the ball was out of his hands before the backlight went on, it did look like the officials got the call right, and that the clock and light just were not in sync.

I wanted to make sure I passed along the clarification I got there.

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  1. How do the backboard lights and clock get out of sync? Shouldn't that be another issue worth delving into?