Friday, February 7, 2014

Tomas Sanchez Game-Winner Against Northern Colorado

Montana wasn't the only place with drama in the Big Sky on Thursday night. We also had some in Pocatello.

After Tate Unruh hit a lean-in jumper with just under 40 seconds left to play, Northern Colorado led Idaho State 70-68. Idaho State had the ball back, and eventually the ball made its way to guard Tomas Sanchez, who buried a three-ball with just over 10 seconds to play.

Here is the best video I can find, courtesy of Brendan Loy.

As I said last night on twitter, if you had to pick one guy from the Big Sky to take a shot at the end of the game, Sanchez might be that guy. He always seems to be calm at the end of games, and it was huge in this game.

Tevin Svihovec got a good look on the other end but couldn't put the shot down, giving the Bears their third straight defeat, and meaning that if they want to have a chance at a conference title, they need to win in Ogden on Saturday night.

For the Bengals, the win moves them to 5-6, which puts them in a tie for both 7th and 10th, and one game behind 3rd. It's a wacky year in the Big Sky.

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