Friday, May 9, 2014

Summer Break

With the offseason in full swing, this blog will be taking a summer break as well.

I posted my early rankings for next year, and have updated the recruiting tracker as best as I can.

I will be posting sparingly or not at all during the offseason - likely not saying much unless there is some big news. Feel free to contact me via email or twitter if anything major does happen and I see to miss it! I will most likely be back in the fall for one more season of Big Sky basketball coverage on the blog - that is the plan at least for now. I'll just see how I'm feeling when the time comes!

In the meantime, have a great summer! Get outside and stay adventurous!

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  1. As a BSC basketball junkie I want to say for all other junkies out there "Thank you Jon for the good work you have done on this site. I have seen other conference trackers that don't compare to yours. Thanks again"

  2. Uh... let's see D1 transfers, spring signings, MSU new coach Fish, oh yeah UM Tinkle gone to OSU. Not too much change while your out... you'll have plenty to write about when you're back. I can't wait.

    1. OK saw that Fish was pre-summer news. Nevertheless who's going to be the Griz coach... Huse or Cravens are free...