Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wayne Tinkle Reportedly Leaving for Oregon State

I know I'm on summer break, but had to post about this. It appears that Wayne Tinkle will be offered the Oregon State head coaching job, and is expected to take it (and might have already by the time you read this). It was bound to happen eventually... Tinkle is a fantastic coach that has done great things at Montana, and had been rumored for various jobs over the past couple of seasons.

Tinkle as a candidate for Oregon State was first rumored a couple weeks ago, but didn't seem to have a ton of steam. However, things must have moved quickly. It's a big loss for Montana, but coaches leaving can also be a great thing for program recognition. Plus, you can't help but be happy for Tinkle.

With a tough Big Sky coming at the top, and a talented but largely inexperienced roster set for next season, it appeared Tinkle was ready to seriously consider any opportunities that came his way. It is a good fit timing wise in that sense for him. Montana will be a good team, but it's not a given they will be in the top half of the Big Sky next season, because there should be a lot of solid teams.

So, where does Montana turn to next? Some logical names including former Montana player and current Cal assistant Travis DeCuire, former Griz assistant Freddie Owens, and current assistant Jono Metzger-Jones. All three are logical names to keep in mind, and all three seem like they would be fantastic head coaches.

It will be interesting to follow, because clearly Montana is one of the premier programs in the Big Sky, if not the premier program. You have to figure Montana will act quickly, to save their recruiting class.

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  1. Owens was with Robinson at OSUm and would most likely be kept by Tinkle.
    Gidal Kaiser

    1. I agree that is most likely too. But he could be an enticing candidate for the Grizzlies to go after...