Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Schedules the Rest of the Way

So far this year in conference play, Big Sky teams are 36-18 at home, the 7th highest winning percentage of any conference. It also seems to be true that it would be a good thing to play as few games against Eastern Washington, Sacramento State, and Montana as possible, since those teams look like the three best at the moment.

So with that said, let's take a look at each team's remaining schedule, with how many home/away games they have left, and how many games against those three teams remain:

- Eastern Washington (7-1) - 4 H/6A - @ UM, Sac State, UM
- Idaho (3-5) - 4H/6A - @ UM, Sac State, UM
- Idaho State (2-8) - 5H/3A - @ UM, EWU
- Montana (7-2) - 4H/5A - EWU, @ EWU
- Montana State (1-8) - 5H/4A - EWU, UM, @ EWU
- North Dakota (3-6) - 5H/5A - UM, @ Sac State
- Northern Arizona (5-3) - 6H/4A - EWU, Sac State
- Northern Colorado (6-3) - 5H/4A - UM, @ Sac State
- Portland State (5-5) - 3H/5A - @ Sac State, @ EWU, Sac State
- Sacramento State (9-1) - 3 H/5 A - @ EWU
- Southern Utah (2-6) - 6H/4A - EWU, Sac State
- Weber State (4-6) - 5H/3A - @ UM, EWU

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  1. I am assuming your 36-18 record is the HOME team record.....

  2. Safe to say EWU has the hardest remaining road. The unbalanced Big Sky schedule will cause some unfair circumstances this year. Having to play Montana, Sac State, and Weber twice is not really fair for EWU. Meanwhile Sac State only plays Montana once and Weber once.

  3. Every road game is tough, and as we have seen in past seasons everyone plays their best game when a top BSC team comes to town. While Sac State "only" has a roadie at EWU, we still have to play at Idaho as well and two tough PSU games. We also need to take care of business at home against a quality UNC team and UND. The Hornets have their work cut out for them.