Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sacramento State Impressive In Victory

Sacramento State is a better team than they have been in past years, and they showed it on Wednesday night, beating Cal State Bakersfield 85-67.

Cal State Bakersfield is not going to the NCAA Tournament or anything like that, but they lost to UT-Arlington by 2 (UTA was a really solid team last year), and to California by 13 (even if the game wasn't really as close as that).

Simply put, it's a game past Sac State teams would have struggled with, and here, they led throughout, pulling away in the second half en route to the 18 point victory.

They were impressive offensively, shooting 49% and getting to the free throw line 36 times. Dylan Garrity was a star as always, with 21 points (a career high) and seven assists (a number he might average this year). He was very good leading the offense.

The guy I was especially impressed with was guard Mikh McKinney, who got the start for the Hornets. He looked very quick off the dribble, and seemed to be able to get in the lane almost anytime he wanted, where he also had some nice finishes. He had 23 points (7/13 FG, 7/7 FT), five rebounds, three assists, and three steals. He had some good buzz around him heading into the season, and he is making good on that.

In an early season where Big Sky teams have really struggled with Division I opponents, it was good to see Sacramento State take care of business on their home court.

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  1. I hope this gets us going in the right direction. McKinney was very impressive and I am warming up to the Garrity-McKinney combo we have going in the back court.

    It would be nice to see an upset at Utah this Friday but I'm not holding my breathe.

  2. Utah is one of the worst BCS basketball teams in the country, if the Hornets win it wouldn't even really be that big of an upset at all, this should be a very close game.

  3. I was at the Cal game and they let off the gas. Clearly could have beaten Bakerfield by 40. Would like to see Sac State Play Weber or Montana or maybe even UC Davis who took Oaklahoma to the Brink.

  4. Well you get your wish UC Davis is playing Sac State next Tuesday, won't be playing Weber St. or Montana until conference play which starts in late December.

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