Monday, June 17, 2013

Top 20 Departing: Honorable Mention

I am counting down the top 20 players that are departing the Big Sky via graduation, transfer, or any other way.

Today, let's start by looking at the guys that just missed the cut on making the list of the top 20 players departing the Big Sky.

- Collin Chiverton - After last season, it seemed like Chiverton could be primed to lead the conference in scoring, but things just never developed in his senior year. After going through a lot off the court before the year, he struggled (understandably so) last season. He still took a lot of threes, but made only 33% of them, compared to 41% the year before. He did shoot better on two pointers, at 50.6%. However, his turnover rate almost doubled, and he continued to not get any assists or rebounds. He is talented, and I think everyone wishes the senior year would have played out a bit differently.

- Melvin Morgan - After shooting a solid 40% on threes his junior year, that dropped to a dismal 27% last year, but he still kept shooting them at the same rate (over 5 per game). The Bengals didn't always have a lot of offensive options (similar to Gabe Rogers and Northern Arizona), but this type of gunning hurt their offense. He has a decent assist rate, but didn't do a good enough job of taking care of the ball to make the top 20.

- Emmanuel Addo - Addo has transferred to Missouri State, where he will play his senior year. When things are going right, he can be impact player, with a nice outside shot (he was 32/75 career from downtown), and a variety of post moves. However, things didn't go right nearly enough last year, which is why he is moving on. His rebounding dropped to guard-like levels last year, and his offensive efficiency dropped as well. Hopefully he can get his confidence back for his senior year.

- Wade Collie - Collie was average seven points and over three rebounds per game last year for Southern Utah before he was arrested on drug charges and dismissed from the team. He had a ways to go to be an efficient player, but he did create some shot for them, and grabbed 15.2% of available defensive rebounds. He would have been a key contributor for them in his senior year.

Thoughts on any of these guys?

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