Monday, October 14, 2013

Jake Wiley Leaving Montana Program

Sophomore forward Jake Wiley has decided to leave the Montana program, citing personal reasons.

"Jake has decided not to play any longer with the Grizzlies for personal reasons, and obviously we honor that decision," Tinkle said. "Jake is a great young kid with a promising future, and we wish him well."
As a true freshman last season, Wiley played in 20 games, averaging 0.9 points per game and 0.6 rebounds. He was raw and not really ready to contribute, and likely would have gotten a redshirt if the Grizzlies had a little more depth upfront.

Going forward, I'm not sure he would have had a huge role this year, though certainly bigger than last season. He was arguably more athletic than anyone else on the roster, and should have been a big part of the Grizzlies future. Reportedly his departure has nothing to do with off-court trouble or grades, he simply decided to move on.

For this season, his loss will be manageable even though it will hurt. Going forward, it's another hit to frontcourt depth, after the loss of Billy Reader last season, and Spencer Coleman earlier this offseason.

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