Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Troy Huff Named to Lou Henson All-American Team

Each year, the Lou Henson Award recognizes standout players at the mid-major level. This year, Troy Huff was one of 25 players mentioned to this year's preseason All-American team.

I'm sure he'll like it even more if he gets postseason honors, but a pre-season award is always a nice vindication of the things you have done.

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  1. Huff is a great scorer, but both Berry and Jamar are better all around players. Either of those players should be on that list instead of Huff.

  2. I can't even really disagree with you there. I am not sure exactly how those guys get chosen... Kareem Jamar in particular, after all he has accomplished, you would think would be an automatic choice for a list like this.

  3. Another Huff hater! He's on that list for a reason, plus numbers dont lie bud. This year will tell everything. You will see UND dancing this year. Those guys are working so hard. Montana wont even end up in the top 3.

    As far as Jamar, he has always been overrates to me personally. I like Berry, but he is NOT better than Huff. I will say his team was much better.

    Keep a close eye on Nash and Cole Steffan as well. #UND

  4. Nobody is hating on Huff. He is a great player, and has a legitimate chance to be the conference POY. But I think Jamar and Berry have been a little better all-around (both are great passers, for example) in their career.

    How exactly has Jamar been overrating?

    Is Cole Stefan eligible? I have heard he's trying to get a waiver, but haven't heard that he is actually eligible this year. I am excited about Nash... he should be a stud!

  5. You have a basketball blog site, so I expect you to know what an "all around" player is. 19 pts, 7 rbs, and 2 1/2 steals a game....thats not all around to you? Them both being better "passers", doesnt necessarily mean they are better all around players.

    Let the guy have his exciting honor and let that be that.

    I too notice that Huff has alot of haters, ill even go out on a limb and say UND in general are disliked and i really dont care, as my lumberjacks are having a rebuilding year, I will still be rooting for them!

  6. Well it may surprise you to learn that despite Huff scoring more points per game, the other two guys are much more efficient scorers as well. There is an argument to be made for Huff, but I'm not sure raw counting stats is the way to go about it. Again, I'm not trying to hate on Huff, he is a great player and UND will be an excellent team. I have sung Huff's praises many times over on this blog over the past couple of seasons.

    I am a UND alum, so hopefully at least that qualifies me as not being a UND hater! Haha.

  7. Hard to argue that the reigning conference regular-season and tournament MVP, as well as an honorable mention All-American, isn't a better "all around" player. And that's coming from a Weber fan.