Sunday, March 15, 2015

Montana, Northern Arizona, and Sac State in Postseason Tournaments

Eastern Washington is not the only team that will be dancing, as Montana, Northern Arizona, and Sac State also received invites to postseason tournaments.

Montana, by virtue of being the Big Sky regular season champion, got an automatic berth into the NIT. They will take on Texas A&M in the opening round, with their game on Tuesday night on ESPNU.

Meanwhile, Sac State will travel to Portland to take on the Pilots on Wednesday night in the CIT. In the same tournament, Northern Arizona will travel to take on Grand Canyon, also on Wednesday night.

Hopefully both will be able to extend their seasons and get a few more basketball games in!

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  1. This can only be good for the conference. I'm pulling for all the teams and I honestly think EWU has a fighter's chance in this one. East Coast teams like Georgetown don't travel well and the crowd in Portland will undoubtedly be pulling for the underdog. U of Portland and Grand Canyon are decent but beatable. I think the Griz got the toughest shake with a game @ Texas A&M. -MTJack

  2. Yep...time to pull for all the teams in these Tourneys. I hate being an EWU fan, but we need to elevate the conference. Go Eags! Looks like the invite for NAU will erase Coach Murphy's suspension this year, which is excellent. Apparently, the CIT didn't think twice about inviting an NAU team who according to Fullerton has a bad sportsman for a coach so that says a lot about how others feel about that incident (which was really nothing in the final analysis). I agree with MTJack, all it did was elevate the stakes in future games and give NAU some national publicity that was favorable to them. #1JacksFan