Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Could Idaho State Be Facing Sanctions?

Other than a few bright moments, it has been a rough few seasons for Idaho State, and they hoped to get a fresh start with the hiring of Bill Evans. However, they might not quite be able to escape their past quite yet, as The Idaho State Journal writes that the men's basketball team is under investigation by the University for possible NCAA infractions.

’s expected that the NCAA itself will soon be involved in the matter, but right now university sources say it’s an internal investigation.

ISU Athletic Director Jeff Tingey would not elaborate on the nature or type of the alleged NCAA violations.

“According to the policies and procedures of the NCAA, while there’s an ongoing investigation the university’s not allowed to comment until the investigation is completed,” Tingey said.
Obviously not many details yet, but we will wait to see what (and hopefully there will be nothing) will emerge from this.

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  1. It will be difficult to escape the past for ISU. With Evans at the helm the future looks difficult too.

  2. If nothing else, it puts an "exclamation point" on the embarrassment which was the Joe O'Brien era. He was in so far over his head, it wasn't funny. His "recruiting" of players was the worst I have seen anywhere.

    Time will tell about Evans. While I'm expecting no miracle, I'm confident ISU's in a better situation that it was with O'Brien and his crew.

  3. The real embarrassment is the Tingey era. O'Brien had some good seasons before Tingey and corruption.