Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Portland State Signs Aaron Moore and Marcus Hall

Portland State also has a couple of additions to their roster for the upcoming season. The JUCO route has been good to Tyler Geving, and he continues to go for that type of player this year.

The first to sign was Marcus Hall, who went to Fresno City College last year. He averaged 12.9 points and 4.1 rebounds there last year. As 6'4'', he can shoot the ball well from the outside (45.2% from downtown), and is a versatile defender and athlete. He is not a big scorer, but will do all of the little things for the Vikings next season.

"Marcus is obviously a good defender, rebounder and athlete and he can really knock down open shots," Geving said. "Marcus does a little bit of everything. But most of all, he has winning qualities, and he proved that by winning Most Valuable Player honors and leading his team to the California Juco championship."
Today, the Vikings also signed Aaron Moore, who is 6'8'' and will be a junior this season. He averaged 14 points and 7.3 rebounds per game last year. While PSU loses Chehales Tapscott and Nate Lozeau down low, Moore, returner Renado Parker, and Lamont Prosser (a JUCO forward that was signed in the fall) should continue to give them a solid trio up front.

"The best thing that Aaron brings to our team is a lot of versatility. He can face up and shoot it out to 18 feet, and he can also get a basket down on the block for us," said Geving. "He is a good athlete and a very good rebounder. Losing Chehales (Tapscott to graduation), that is something we need to address is rebounding. We have to make sure we are getting the job done on the boards and Aaron can do that.
Moore is the fourth member of their class, when including transfer Tim Douglas.

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