Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Money Games and Montana Coaches Contracts

Daniel Martin from NBC Sports has a cool article on the concept of "money games" and how Montana has worked that into the contracts for Coach Wayne Tinkle and the assistant coaches.

According to the Associated Press, Tinkle must generate $80,000 per year in “money game” guarantees, and is able to share any additional money up to $150,000 with his assistants.

Tinkle will receive a base salary of $135,000, in addition to incentives and other bonuses for athletic and academic progress.

The most appealing part for the school, as the report points out, is that Tinker can have a more competitive salary, while not burdening the state. With revenue coming from other sources, Montana will not have to pay as much, but could keep him in the head coaching role.
Head over there and give the article a read.

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