Thursday, May 10, 2012

Danny Cheek and Josh Lepley Are No Longer on NAU Roster

The tumultuous offseason for Northern Arizona continues.As friend of bigskybball MTJack has pointed out, Danny Cheek and Josh Lepley are no longer listed on the Northern Arizona roster.

NAU is already losing James Douglas and Colin Gruber to transfer (as well as a couple walk-ons), and now they will be without a couple more. Safe to say things will be looking a lot different this year in Flagstaff.

Cheek was a guy that looked to have a really bright future, as he came into NAU relatively highly touted. He was billed as being a plus athlete for the Big Sky level with the ability to attack the rim, and the ability to be a good defender. However, things never developed his freshman year, and he didn't get a ton of playing time and didn't flash that ability. Still, I was pretty excited to see his future in the conference, and see what he would be able to do with some different coaching. It is a shame he has moved on.

The other guy on the move is Josh Lepley, who has been in the headlines a couple times over the past year, but all for things off of the court. He was dismissed from the team last year by then coach Mike Adras, for "actions and behaviors not conducive to what the program is about." According to commenters I had at the time, that seemed to stem from a general unhappiness that Lepley (and others) had with Coach Adras. That seemed to potentially be vindicated a bit after Adras was forced out and Lepley rejoined the team. I am unsure why he is transferring now.

Whenever there is a new head coach, there is often a bit of housecleaning involved. This appears to be a major one going on in Northern Arizona right now.

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  1. like that Cheek guy is already receiving offers from other schools..."Texas State has also just offered Northern Arizona transfer, Danny Cheek, a 6-foot-4 guard"