Thursday, June 7, 2012

Damian Lillard Creating Lots of Buzz at Scouting Combine

The NBA Combine has been going on this week, and one of the guys that has stood out the most is Damian Lillard, the Big Sky Player of the Year. Don't believe me? Here is DraftExpress:

Other guys getting good reviews from NBA people at the Combine today: Damian Lillard (big time), Royce White, Jeff Taylor, Terrence Ross.
Sam Amick from wrote a nice article on Lillard also, saying that he is making the leap from being a mid-major player to a top 10 pick.

The point guard from little-known Weber State is being sized up from every angle by executives who are still learning about him, still just starting to see this enticing mixture of substance and style from the player who is bridging the enormous gap from mid-major school to possible top-10 pick. This is a fun experience for the 6-foot-3, 195-pound Lillard, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that he's trying to enjoy as he attempts to join the likes of Jason Kidd, Gary Payton and Brian Shaw as the next player from Oakland, Calif., to do big things.
Andy Katz of ESPN also wrote an article this week about Lillard and Weber State, as Randy Rahe tries to build the program in part due to the large level of attention brought to it from Lillard.

Rahe is convinced his 6-foot-3 star has left his mark with the program, as a trail of recruits will follow his lead.

Rahe isn't naive enough to think he'll find another hidden gem like Lillard, a lock for the NBA lottery and quite likely the first lead guard selected in the June 28 draft. But he is convinced that the dynamics of Weber State's recruiting has changed.
Lillard will be a great pro, because he possesses all of the tangible and intangible things that you need to succeed as an NBA point guard. He is looking more and more like he will be a top 10 pick come the NBA draft. It will be fun to watch where he lands and fun to watch him develop at the next level.

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