Monday, June 11, 2012

Gelaun Wheelwright Had Surgery On His Foot

This story came out last week, but for some reason I forgot to write about it. According to the Standard Examiner, Weber State guard Gelaun Wheelwright had surgery last week on his foot, after a summer workout injury.

“Our hope is (for Wheelwright to return to playing) by the start of fall camp; the end of August, start of September,” Rahe said. “It’s unfortunate for Gelaun because he was looking forward to a great summer.”

Wheelwright said the injury took place two and a half weeks ago when he was working out at home in California, but he was still able to walk and didn’t know it was broken for sure until he returned to Ogden for X-rays a week later.
As the article mentioned, the good news was that the injury occurred in early summer, meaning that all of the time he misses (ideally) will not run into practice time or linger into the start of the season. The injury is similar (though less severe) to the one suffered by Damian Lillard  a couple of seasons ago, but that one happened in the middle of the season.

Assuming the recovery goes smoothly, Wheelwright appears to be the strong favorite to replace Damian Lillard in the starting lineup at the point guard spot. He is one of the fastest players in the Big Sky, and will become a major weapon for the Wildcats if he can develop his outside shot.

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