Thursday, September 27, 2012

Projecting Starters For Big Sky Teams, Part 2

The time has come to try and project the starters for all of the Big Sky teams. Part 1 can be found here. Let's take a look at the next three teams.

G - Antonio Biglow
G - Christian Moon
F - Xavier Blount
F - Flavien Davis
F - Eric Norman
FG - Jamie Stewart
FB - Jeff Budinich

Comments: There are so many new faces on the Bobcats that it is tough to peg down a lineup at this stage, especially in the frontcourt. The backcourt appears a little more settled. Antonio Biglow comes highly regarded, and Christian Moon was solid for them as well. Xavier Blount can play the two or three. Jamie Stewart has the ability to backup both guard spots. The frontcourt, though, seems to be anyone's guess. Jeff Budinich is the most experienced returner, but he will be serving a suspension to start the year. Flavien Davis would be a bit undersized for the four, but put up good rebounding numbers in junior college. Eric Norman is a transfer from SMU that I know they are excited about. There are a lot of guys that will be in the mix there.

G - Jamal Webb
G - Aaron Anderson
F - Troy Huff
F - Brandon Brekke
F - Alonzo Traylor
FG - Josh Schuler
FB - Jaron Nash

Comments: It seems to me that much of UND's success in their first year in the Big Sky will depend on Troy Huff. He has the ability to be an all-conference guy in the conference, but he seemed to regress a bit from his freshman to sophomore year. Jamal Webb can be a nice PG, but Aaron Anderson was their most efficient player last year. Brandon Brekke is a nice inside player, and he should finally have help with the additions of Traylor and Nash. Whether Josh Schuler starts or not, he will see tons of minutes.

G - Stallon Saldivar
G - Gabe Rogers
F - Gaellen Bewernick
F - Ephraim Ekanem
F - Jordyn Martinb
FG - Michael Dunn
FB - Ben Olaynika

Comments: Another tough lineup to project because of all the turnover on the roster and coaching staff. The backcourt would seem to be set, as both Saldivar and Rogers are seniors with a ton of experience, and Dunn will be a senior as well. They will all need to be leaders of the team. Gaellen Bewernick was a bright spot for them last year, and can play the three or four even though he is only 6'6''. The frontcourt doesn't appear to be very deep, and I suspect Jack Murphy will play lots of small ball. It will be an interesting year in Flagstaff.


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  1. My MSU starting 5
    1 Antonio Biglow
    2 Jamie Stewart
    3 Xavier Blount
    4 Flavien Davis
    5 Paul Egwuonwu

    Egwuonwu had surgery on his knee this summer to clean it out so I am going out on a limb, but with my 1-4 (or even if you sub Moon for Stewart)the Bobcats get plenty of scoring and passing from all over the floor so what the Bobcat's need from the five is some physicality, rebounding and Efficient play. That is what Egwuonwu brings to the table. Budinich and Norman might be overall more skilled offensive and passing as players, they are not beast inside Egwuonwu is, who I am told is "bigger" than Mo Fall. I also think what the Bobcats need from the 5 spot is exactly what seldom used center Brumwell has to offer. It could be a sink or swim year for him I give Stewart an edge over Moon but not by much. Moon is more consistent offensively, but Stewart is more versatile, athletic and can rebound effectively from the 1, 2 and 3 spot. To be honest I think this is the best roster of of players at the 1 thru 3 that the Bobcats have had in over 10 years, but boy the 4 and 5 spots are incredibly young and untested.