Friday, September 28, 2012

Idaho State Beating Sacramento State Was Last Year's Craziest Comeback

According to Ken Pomeroy's data.

I'll let him tell the story.

1) Idaho State at Sacramento State, 1/14/12
The situation: Sacramento State 54-32, with possession, 10:29 left. (0.33%)
The outcome: Idaho St. 68-67.
Comments: As Big Sky previewer emeritus for College Basketball Prospectus, I’m more interested in the conference’s events than the average human. So it was surprising on a rainy January evening to see this second-half score flash across my computer screen. You see Sacramento State had owned the Big Sky basement, having finished last in the league four straight seasons, and being 0-4 at this juncture, appeared headed to a fifth-consecutive last-place finish. But on this night, the Hornets were not just beating Idaho State but crushing their soul. Ripping their heart out and having it for dinner with a garnish of offensive rebounds and free throws. Good for them!

It wasn’t until two weeks later that I discovered they were still winless in conference, somehow blowing their enormous advantage in this one. This game had the twist of a four-point play deciding the outcome. Kenny McGowen (32% from three, 78% from the line) was responsible for the winning points with eight seconds to go. A final possession for the Hornets resulted in Sherrod Baldwin blocking a three-point attempt, his lone block of the season.
New Big Sky member Southern Utah also got a mention with the seventh best comeback in all of college basketball last season..

7) Oakland vs. Southern Utah, 3/4/12
The situation: Oakland 81-70, Southern Utah ball, 3:13 remaining (0.58%)
The result: Southern Utah 84-82.
Comments: The only March game on the list, this was a quarterfinal in the Summit League tourney. The six-seed beat the three-seed here with the Thunderbirds providing a parting gift to the conference before their move to the Big Sky.
Hopefully we will more zaniness this year!

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