Thursday, September 6, 2012

Revision on my 2010 Recruiting Class Rankings

When I had the idea to re-rank the 2010 recruiting classes in the Big Sky, I thought it would be a fun exercise. The hardest part was probably trying to find who was a part of all of the classes.

It was before I began blogging on the Big Sky, so I had to try and go on what I could find online for all of the recruiting classes. With transfers/redshirts/JUCOs/etc it was tough to track down who was in every team's class. So, I tried to use what I could... as a main resource, I used ESPN's listings, because they seemed to be most accurate. As a backup, I used Scout, though they were even less accurate.

As it turned out, neither was that accurate in some cases. For Eastern Washington, I ranked their class dead last, based on the players on those sites. However, what was later pointed out to me was that I missed some guys... and key guys! Cliff Colimon, Cliff Ederaine, and Willie Hankins among them. Obviously that would change their rankings a ton. I have made an edit in my original post to correct this as well (I just edited their section).

I just wanted to point out my mistake, because it was a big one there. I think it is important to admit your mistakes, and do what you can to learn from them.

In my case, I have learned not to re-rank past recruiting classes unless I can be absolutely sure I know who is in the class (read: I'm not planning to ever re-rank any except maybe the 2012 classes).

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