Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Peek at Sacramento State's Schedule

We'll slowly start to take a look at the Big Sky schedules, and next up is Sacramento State, who released theirs last month. They will have 20 conference games obviously, and then four non-conference home games, and five non-conference road games.

If you are a fan of the Big Sky, what I am about to tell you will come as no surprise - there is nothing inspiring about their home games against non-conference opponents. Like many other programs in the conference, they have trouble drawing quality opponents there. Here is the slate:

11/9 - UC Merced
11/14 - CSU Bakersfield
11/20 - UC Davis
11/27 - Dominican

That is not exactly going to draw big crowds. UC Davis is a rivalry game, but they finished last in the Big West last season. Cal State Bakersfield is an independent that finished 16-15 last year. Cal-Merced finished 5-7 (6-15 overall) in something called the Cal Pac Conference. Dominican University finished 11-18 overall in whatever division they are in.

I know it's tough to draw good teams to your house, but that is pretty bad.

On the road, things look better. They go to Utah, in a game they are certainly capable of winning against a Pac-12 team. Arizona State will be a good test, but they are a low-level BCS team. San Jose State struggled in the WAC last year, but it would still be a nice win over them. Central Arkansas is a DI team as well. Then there is the Bracket Busters game. It is a pretty good balance between being super difficult, and playing more cupcakes.

The Hornets could have their best team in a long time, and they will be gunning for the .500 or better mark. They should get some help from their home games out of conference, where they could certainly run the table. If they can win 3 of the road games as well, then we will be in business.

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  1. Thanks for the jinx Jon. In all seriousness the schedule isn’t too bad considering where our program is. I hate the 2nd non D-1 game (my recollection is most BSC programs schedule at least 1 non D-1 opponent early) but my guess is we couldn’t land a home and home agreement with a regional program. Bako is a regularly scheduled opponent for us and we scheduled Cal Poly with a home and home the last 2 years. I was hoping that regional matchup could be renewed. In the past we have also had success scheduling a lower tier WCC program to a home and home but I guess we couldn’t do that this year.

    It’s too early to get a prediction out of me but on paper the Hornets arguably have one of the best teams this program has seen in a while. I hope we can finally get some wins this year.

    BTW I posted a link to this on SacBuzz:

  2. Ha! Not sure I have the jinxing powers... :)

    I am optimistic about the Hornets... the core of Garrity/Veteto/Eberhard/Dickson is very solid and a very veteran group. They finished the year pretty strong (granted, they had that 4 game losing streak near the end, but that had most to do with schedule), and I think the pressure will be up a bit because expectations are going to be higher than they have been for awhile. The recruiting class (excellent post on SacBuzz, by the way) will add nice depth and hopefully make the bench be strong, which will, at the very least, give them a great shot at making the conference tournament.

    Much appreciated on the link at SacBuzz!

  3. Jon let's not forget about a healthy Jackson Carbajal to round out the starting five. Returning from injury last year he put up 11 ppg in BSC play. That ranks 21st overall (tied with EWU's Cliff Ederaine) and third among sophomores. With him and Eberhard on the wings and Veteto and Dickson inside this is not a team that can be overlooked. Katz might finally have a true starting five!