Thursday, August 2, 2012

Northern Colorado Team Getting Ready For Australia

College basketball teams are allowed to take an offseason trip once every four years. This year, Northern Colorado will be making the trek to The Land Down Under, which should be especially beneficial for a young team that should be one of the most talented in the conference next year.

They will play four games starting on August 9th, playing against professional and all-star teams from Australia.  They will also take in some of the sights of the country, which obviously can be some of the best times to bond.

"Our program is honored to represent The University of Northern Colorado and NCAA basketball in Australia," said head coach B.J. Hill. "We're aware of the high quality of play in Australia, and we look forward to learning from some of the leading coaches in our sport. Our players, coaches, fans and administrators are excited to experience Australian culture, and we are appreciative of this unique opportunity."
If they can use the trip to get tougher on defense, it will be well worth every penny! But in all seriousness, this can be the exact type of bonding a team needs to take the next step. The Bears will be ranked anywhere from third to seventh heading into next season.

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