Monday, August 6, 2012

Tre Johnson Kicked Off Team, MSU's Canada Trip Postponed

We are seeing some of the fallout from the arrests of Tre Johnson and Jeff Budinich of Montana State last week.

According to the press release from Montana State, forward Tre Johnson had been dismissed from the team, Jeff Budinich has been suspended three games and will face a bevy of disciplinary sanctions, and the trip to Canada that MSU had been planning has suspended until a later date, which I am guessing will mean a different year.

I presume the difference in suspensions between Johnson and Budinich means that this is not Johnson's first rodeo, so to speak. Both players were arrested last week for breaking into vehicles and theft.

Kudos to Brad Huse for acting strongly and swiftly. The Bobcats frontcourt suddenly looks a bit thin, (which we will look at more later), which will especially hurt Huse as he enters really a make-or-break year. MSU has had a bit of a tough time staying out of the news, and hopefully the swiftness and severity of these punishments will deter anyone else on the team from even thinking about doing anything stupid.

It has been an interesting offseason in Bozeman.

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  1. I think you are way, WAY out of line when you say this isn't Tre's first rodeo. Are you implying that because he's black he's probably stolen things before? Do you know him personally? Didn't think so. I think MSU and the people of that self proclaimed "great community" had better watch how they're treating people, especially the emphasis they put on their race. I know Tre and Coach Huse never saw eye to eye and I believe the way he conducts himself should be investigated. He is an awful coach and his team sucks. I hope MSU basketball suffers many embarrassing losses this year because of the ignorance of that town and the atrocious coaching staff. Good riddance.

  2. Hold up a minute here... I am not implying anything of the sort. I have no idea. All I am saying is that it would seem by the fact that Johnson/Budinich got arrested for the same crime, and Johnson got kicked off the team while Budinich merely got suspended, that Johnson has gotten in trouble before. It has nothing to do with his race, and I'm not saying he's stolen anything before... I am just saying since his punishment was so much harsher it stands to reason in my mind that he likely would have had prior infractions.

    If that is not the case, and their separate punishments was somehow tied to race, then I could not agree more that there is a HUGE issue with that.