Monday, August 20, 2012

Big Sky Recruits Podcast

A few weeks ago, Gidal Kaiser and I recorded a podcast looking at the the new recruits entering the Big Sky, with a special emphasis on Montana State (as Gidal writes for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle).

Gidal has posted that podcast over at Blue & Gold, so you should go give it a listen if you want to learn more about some newcomers entering the Big Sky, as well as to hear my nasally voice! If don't want to listen (it's about 22 minutes), Gidal has also posted a nice breakdown of what went down.

Let me know what you think.

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  1. Jon (Tal here), pretty good. I know it had to be Montana centric, but even though, I think both UM and MSU did a decent job. Huse, though, has a tendency to over recruit. He doesn't look for glue/team oriented players, but flash. I really don't see, unless Bigalow is a super heroesque player, that MSU will be anything other than a .500 team, with Huse leaving Bozeman at season end. Yes, MSU does have the players to surprise me, but my fear is that MSU will struggle in one of the most important areas team chemistry. UM should be at the top. Sac, to me, at least, has a pretty solid class, that somewhat WOWed me, as did Eastern. Hayford is going to get the Eagles looking good. Weber and UNCO have been hitting home runs lately, and that continues with this class (Hill and Bradford will wow fans in the future, both will probably RS this season for the Cats). UND did an excellent job filling in their losses and with what they have, if things fall into line, could be very competitive. PSU..well...who knows. SUU, NAU, and ISU were in survival mode and just trying to find anything they can in the late signing period. However, I think all can hang their hats on decent jobs with what was available, especially NAU. I'm really hoping for a better RPI this season from the Sky and from what is coming back, especially at the top (UM, Weber, Eastern, UND, and UNCO...possibly PSU) it is likely.

  2. Tal, as usual I agree with you.

    Montana State has a lot of talent, but it doesn't really seem to fit together. They have about 7 frontcourt guys that could vie for moments. You are right that if Biglow is a stud, they could surprise, otherwise I don't think they are good enough to save Huse's job.

    Montana did a nice job of filling in holes... obviously they didn't need backcourt help, so they targeted all frontcourt guys. If one of Kevin Henderson/Spencer Coleman can take Steward's spot, they are going to be excellent again. Also, if one of their guys can play inside and be at least a threat to score down low, that will add a new dynamic.

    Eastern is really interesting to me... so many unknowns it seems with their class with foreign guys. I will say this... I have talked to Hayford a handful of teams, he is a smart dude. I think they are going to eventually join WSU/MT as teams that are contenders every single year.

    I was happy with UND's class... their frontcourt was pretty pathetic, and that is exactly what they hit on. Two JUCO guys and then Jaron Nash, who I have heard should be eligible to play right away. They are a team focused on winning now (they should be a very veteran team), so the pressure will be on.

    You are right about UNC, really like their guys, especially Derrick Barden, hearing that he will be a stud. They have another guy in James Davis that was a redshirt freshman last year that I have heard will provide a nice boost to the backcourt and do some things that their returners don't do. That is part of the reason I like UNC to be third, as of now.

    Sac State's class I like but don't love. They got some solid guys but I think not the caliber of guys that some of the big players in the conference are bringing in. Agreed about ISU and SUU... NAU, I actually really like some of the guys they brought in. I think Murphy will do nice things for the Lumberjacks.

    Weber State, love what they did. Bolmboy/Hill have a chance to be super dynamic in the frontcourt... something that really no Big Sky team can come close to matching if those guys reach their potential with their athletic ability.