Friday, August 10, 2012

More Montana State Content

Gidal Kaiser of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle has been doing some good work lately, pounding out a lot of content about the basketball team. He has gotten some help from the venerable Mslacat, who is plugged in on basketball in the area.

If you are interesting in learning about the Bobcats, they took a look at some of the guys departing the team, as well as the new guys coming in. Go check it out.

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  1. Interesting articles. It would be nice if more teams in the Sky had more media support and attention, even though he gets it wrong sometimes, Kaiser does a good job. I disagree about a few things. Losing Fall, Reid, and Johnson is really going to hurt the Bobcats. These three guys knew the system and were being counted on to really help take the Bobs to the next level. Yes, I think Bigalow is going to be a stud and could be the elite PG of the league this year (Cherry, Garrity, Wheelright, Forbes, McMullen, and Tevin would all disagree. It is going to be a good season in the Sky in the backcourts, a lot of parity.). Yet, without any sort of front court, the Bobs will struggle. Huse's offense needs a big man or it won't succeed. Regrettably for the Bobs, none of their incoming bigs can replace their outgoing bigs.

  2. I agree that despite how good their backcourt could be, they don't have the frontcourt to be a legitimate contender. You don't need an elite frontcourt to win the conference, but you need SOMETHING, and the Bobcats don't really have anything yet. Also, I'm not really convinced that Huse will be able to adapt the style of play enough to fit the talent of the team. They could cause some matchup problems with a 4 in, 1 out up-tempo team, but I don't really see Huse doing anything that dramatic.