Monday, October 1, 2012

Projecting Starters For Big Sky Teams, Part 3

I know you all have been anticipating this... so let's move forward with our look at projected starters for the Big Sky conference teams!

G - Tevin Svihovec
G - Tate Unruh
F - Tim Huskisson
F - Derrick Barden
F - Emmanual Addo
FG - Paul Garnica
FB - Connor Osborne

Comments: They will be deep, and a team that can hurt you in a lot of ways. The other interesting thing is that there are no seniors on the roster. This is a team that should improve a lot from last year, and they could be scary next season. They lost big man Mike Proctor, but from all accounts Derrick Barden will replace that production, and he could be the best newcomer in the conference. In the backcourt, I didn't even mention a guy like James Davis Jr., who could bring a new dimension to the Bears backcourt. If UNC has learned how to play some semblance of defense, and can take better care of the ball (which are two things that would come with experience), they absolutely can win this conference.

G - Lateef McMullan
G - Gary Winston
F - Michael Harthun
F - Renado Parker
F - Lamont Prosser
FG - Marcus Hall
FB - Aaron Moore

Comments: Their lineup is tough to project because they lost three starters who brought a lot of production, and weren't very deep behind them. I have Lamont Prosser and Aaron Moore in the frontcourt mix, two junior college players that they brought in. I think they will be able to match PSU's recent success of bringing in solid JUCO guys. Renado Parker is a guy that may not known to many Big Sky fans, but he is one of the best low post scorers in the Big Sky. He will not replace all of Chehales Tapscott's production, but he will replace much of the lost offense. In the backcourt, Gary Winston is a guy I really like, but they will have a tough time replacing Charles Odum's production.

G - Dylan Garrity
G - Jackson Carbajal
F - Joe Eberhard
F - John Dickson
F - Konner Veteto
FG - Jordan Estrada
FB - Jordan Salley

Comments: Hornet fans are excited about the season, and they have every right to be. Sac State will have one of the best starting lineups in the conference, with good experience across the board. Dylan Garrity was tops in the nation among freshmen in assists, and players like Dickson, Eberhard, and Veteto have the talent to be all-conference (not even mentioning Carbajal, who is capable of scoring 20 points in any given game). They have a real chance to be a top 4 team if they can get production from their bench. They brought in a big recruiting class, and they need some of those guys to be the foundation for the second unit. If they don't get it done this year, with this talent, it is far to wonder if Brian Katz will be able to get it done in Sacramento. Here is betting they break through and make the Big Sky tournament.

Thoughts? Anything that you would change?

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  1. I have nothing to confirm this but I think incoming transfer Mikh McKinney will be the first guard off the bench for us. Estrada has been a complete bust so far and unless he proves otherwise, I am ok with having him buried on the bench behind some of the new recruits.

    And thanks for yet another jinx Jon. If the wheels fall off and we resume our typical spot in the basement this season, I'm putting all the blame on you. Good write up though.

  2. I had a tough time figuring out the bench... I have a feeling not even the coaches have a great feel for how things are going to play out behind the starters! McKinney/Demps could both have a role as newcomers... it will be interesting to see how that shakes out!