Sunday, July 14, 2013

Funding Approved For Portland State Arena

Portland State has been trying to secure funds to work on the Stott Athletic Center (among other things), and they got some good news on that front this week. The "Vikings Pavilion Project" will receive $64 million in state bonds to work on various projects:

The Oregon Legislature's approval of $40 million for the School of Business Administration and $24 million for the Stott Educational Center and Viking Pavilion will transform two high-traffic areas of PSU's downtown campus with more classrooms, auditoriums, study rooms, computer labs and a 5,500-seat arena. The two projects will add much-needed space to help meet the state's goal for 40 percent of its residents to earn a bachelor's degree.
One of the things that often separates the low-majors from the bigger basketball schools in the NCAA is facilities. The Big Sky is no exception to this rule, as many of the school's basketball facilities are not the best. A project like this obviously will have many benefits for the University, but one of them should be the basketball program.

The renovated building will transform the cramped and leaking Stott Center into a light-filled, mixed-use building with new academic and athletic spaces, as well as a mid-sized venue capable of hosting a variety of public events. Construction is expected to start in fall 2014.
Many congratulations to Portland State!

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  1. Also saw over the weekend that Craig Ehlo has left EWU as an assistant.

  2. Hopefully it helps recruiting.