Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Projecting Big Sky Starters

Obviously, the season is still a couple of months away. But, I am working on a conference preview, and am trying to project some starters... would love to hear thoughts and disagreements!!

Eastern Washington
F Martin Seiferth, Jr.
F Venky Jois, Soph.
F Danny Powell, Fr.
G Tyler Harvey, Soph.
G Drew Brandon, Jr.

Idaho State
F Ajak Magot, Jr.
F Marcus Bradley, Jr.
F Justin Smith, Fr.
G Chris Hansen, Jr.
G Tomas Sanchez, Sr.

C Eric Hutchison, Sr.
F Chris Kemp, Jr.
F Kareem Jamar, Sr.
G Keron DeShields, Jr.
G Jordan Gregory, Jr.

Montana State
C Paul Egwuonwu, Sr.
F Flavien Davis, Sr.
F Terrell Brown, Jr.
G Antonio Biglow, Sr.
G Marcus Colbert, Soph.

North Dakota
F Brandon Brekke, Sr.
F Jaron Nash, Sr.
F Troy Huff, Sr.
G Aaron Anderson, Sr.
G Jamal Webb, Sr.

Northern Arizona
F Max Jacobsen, Sr.
F Gaellen Bewernick, Jr.
G Quinton Upshur, Jr.
G DeWayne Russell, Soph.
G Kris Yanku, Fr.

Northern Colorado
C Connor Osborne, Sr.
F Derrick Barden, Sr.
F Tim Huskisson, Jr.
G Tate Unruh, Sr.
G Tevin Svihovec, Jr.

Portland State
C Lamont Prosser, Sr.
F Aaron Moore, Sr.
G Dre Winston, Jr.
G Gary Winston, Jr.
G Tim Douglas, Jr.

Sacramento State
C Eric Stuteville, Fr.
F Alex Tiffin, Jr.
F Zach Mills, Jr.
G Mikh McKinney, Jr.
G Dylan Garrity, Jr.

Southern Utah
C Jayson Cheesman, Sr.
F Jaren Jeffery, Sr.
G AJ Hess, Soph.
G Trey Kennedy, Fr.
G Chris Nsenki, Soph.

Weber State
C Kyle Tresnak, Sr.
F Joel Bolomboy, Soph.
F Davion Berry, Sr.
G Gelaun Wheelwright, Jr.
G Jordan Richardson, Sr.


EDIT: I will update this as I go along, with thanks to suggestions from the comments and on twitter. Really appreciate the feedback!

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  1. Feel with UND Brekke would start over Traylor, but can't argue with the rest of the starters.

  2. I agree, thanks for that! Not sure how I forgot Brekke... they will be loaded with experience!

  3. For the Hornets I think Tiffin will start over Quigley. Actually I hope anyone starts instead of Quigley. I think one of the new recruits will start over Demps as well. Just complete guesses though, I have no clue or inside info to support any of my comments.

  4. Good analysis. I think you're giving way too much credit to the returning players. The Big Sky always has newcomers play significant roles. ISU, for example, signed 8 players and you have none of them starting. I think that's highly unlikely. Just my 2 cents.

  5. You are probably right about that.. in fact, I am sure of it. Just so hard to project who might break through and start!

  6. Jon,

    I know this is touchy, but isn't DeSheilds and Gregory both JR's? I could be wrong. Heaven's it happens all the time in fact. NICE JOB though. I agree that Brekke is the better bet at UND, but you know them far better than I do. So I defer to your expertise on the Fighting Sioux.


  7. I think Terrell Brown will be a starter in Bozeman. Just my thoughts.

  8. Tal, you are right on about Gregory/DeShields, brain cramp on my part. Thank you for pointing that out!

    Anon, I think Brown/Coleman is about a 50/50 bet... both guys will get tons of playing time and I think could be starting at different times of the year.

  9. I'd be surprised if Preh, Ezenwa - and possibly even Hatchett - are starters at ISU. I think Magot, Bradley, and even freshman Smith will be in the mix to start.