Friday, July 19, 2013

Top Departing #9: Joe Eberhard

I am counting down the top 20 players that are departing the Big Sky via graduation, transfer, or any other way.

Joe Eberhard played two years for the Sacramento State Hornets, and had a little bit of a strange short career. Here are some numbers comparing his junior and senior seasons:

Junior - 53.5% twos, 45.8% threes, 11.1 PPG
Senior - 38.4% twos, 37.8% threes, 6.9 PPG

For some reason, his offense left him. He went from being a perfect offensive role player to a guy that was not very good inside the arc, and saw a sharp decrease in his three-point shooting. If we go based on his junior season numbers, ranking him #9 is probably a little low. If we go based on last season, #9 is probably too high.

He was a solid rebounder on the wing, with a 13.7 DR% as a senior. He pulled in over five rebounds per game in both of his seasons. As a senior, he became very good at protecting the basketball, dropping his TO Rate to 12.9. That is one of the reasons his ORtg only dropped to 108.6 (which is solid) from 114.7 the year before, even with the sharp decrease in shooting percentages.

Eberhard was also very durable, and could play all day long. As a junior, he averaged over 35 minutes per game, playing 89.3% of the team's possible minutes. As a senior, that dropped to 80.2%, which is still a big number, and was probably lower due to the Hornets having a little more depth.

Eberhard is a tough guy to rank because of the dropoff from his junior year to his senior year, but the Hornets will miss his versatility. He could do a little bit of everything, and they will miss that on both ends.

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  1. Eberhard was also a very clutch FT shooter. His key late FT's helped the Hornets knock off Pac-12 Utah early in the season. It was disheartening to see his scoring ability drop off last season, but I think a lot of that was due to the emergence of McKinney from the SG spot. All in all Eberhard was a good get by Katz.