Monday, July 1, 2013

Top 20 Departing #14: Renado Parker

I am counting down the top 20 players that are departing the Big Sky via graduation, transfer, or any other way.

After his junior year, Renado Parker for Portland State showed a game that suggested he could be an all-conference first team performer if things broke right for him as a senior. In his first year for the Vikings, he averaged 9.8 points and 5.1 rebounds (in 24.4 minutes), and showed himself to be an extremely efficient and effective post scorer, shooting 57% from the field. He was also a capable offensive rebounder, with an 11.0% offensive rebound rate.

Last year, it wasn't an easy transition moving from the shadow of Chehales Tapscott in the post to being at the center of opposing defenses gameplans. He shot 45% from the floor (though he did improve as a foul shooter), and also saw a decrease in his offensive rebounding rate. It helps to have a player as good as Tapscott (and Nate Lozeau) next to you on the frontline.

Still, Parker did show some other improvement his senior year. His TO Rate dropped big-time, to the point that he became dependable with the ball. His assist rate also raised slightly. He nabbed a few more offensive rebounds, and used quick hands to double his steal percentage. While his shooting percentage dropped, his teammates still benefited from the attention he got.

Parker's senior year was a bit disappointing, but he showed himself to be a skilled post scorer and rebounder. I suspect everyone on PSU might find a little less room to operate offensively next season.

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