Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Top Departing #10: John Dickson

I am counting down the top 20 players that are departing the Big Sky via graduation, transfer, or any other way.

John Dickson is a guy that was a solid four year performer for Sacramento State, even though he never made it to star level in the Big Sky. He was a good starter for them, and the rare four-year player that has a big impact each year.

Offensively, it's debatable how well he improved each year. As a freshman, he shot 46% on twos and 40% on threes. As a sophomore, he lost his three point shot (5/39 from downtown), but became very good at getting to the FT line. As a junior, he was still a bad three-point shooter, but didn't get to the line quite as much. As a senior, he reverted back to being more of a jump shooter, which hurt his efficiency. He improved to 30% from downtown, but that is not a great percentage. He shot 45% on twos, which is not great for a power forward. His FT rate dropped to the lowest rate of his career, which was a big blow for his game (since he is a solid FT shooter).

He had the skills to do a lot of things offensively, but didn't always put everything together. That is what kept him as a solid Big Sky player rather than a really good one.

He did grow as a rebounder as his career went along. He posted career best averages of 7.3 OR% and 16.9 DR%, which are good numbers. That was a big area of improvement for him.

While Dickson never necessarily become all that his skills suggested he might be able to, he was still a solid player for the Hornets for four years, which is all that you can hope for when you bring a guy into the program. If any of the recruits Brian Katz brings in have as good of a career as Dickson, he will be a happy man.

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