Monday, October 22, 2012

Idaho Will Officially Be Playing Big Sky Basketball in 2014

Two new teams will be added to the conference this year, and in 2014 Idaho will again be playing Big Sky basketball, as was officially announced by the conference on Friday.

The majority of Idaho’s intercollegiate athletic teams will begin Big Sky Conference play during the 2014-15 academic year. The Vandal football program will play as an Independent at the Bowl Subdivision level of Division I football.

The University of Idaho will become the Big Sky’s 12th member. The Big Sky currently consists of 11 core institutions plus Cal Poly and UC Davis as football affiliate members.
With 11 schools, all Big Sky teams will be playing 20 conference games, and seven teams will make the Big Sky tournament this year. With the addition of Idaho, it likely means that more changes will eventually be on the horizon. 12 teams is more stable and more intuitive than eleven, so this looks to be a great development for the future of the conference.

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  1. Will the Big Sky go with a 22 game round-robin schedule, or split it up someway? I hope for the round robin-which cuts down on meaningless non-conference games.

  2. Have not announced anything yet and I am sure they haven't made any decisions... but I have a hard time seeing that they would go to a 22 game conference schedule. Think more likely they split into 2 divisions and play 16 conference games.

  3. I certainly hope the Big Sky gets split into two divisions for Basketball, as it is the only way our conference RPI will have any hope of improving.

  4. Not a shocking move by Idaho. Hopefully the BSC is split into divisions. As much as people might hate OOC games, that is how the conference builds its strength and improves its RPI. I’d also like to see the conference let the top 8 into the BSC Tournament (or top 10 if they want a bye for the top 2 seeds). Hopefully the tournament location issue gets fixed as well. I don’t know why the hosting location can’t be hosted on an on-campus site rotating among the better venues in the BSC.