Saturday, October 13, 2012

New WAC Teams Could Impact Idaho's Future

This week it was announced that Utah Valley University and Cal State Bakersfield will be joining the WAC, as the WAC tries to put the pieces together and keep their conference.

This impacts the Big Sky because there has been talk that Idaho could potentially join the Big Sky conference in all sports except football. However, with the WAC adding teams, the likelihood that they would just remain in the WAC is stronger.

This is according to Vandals Nation:

Despite conversations with the Big Sky, the University of Idaho will still most likely be one of those schools playing WAC olympic sports for the 2013-14 calendar. As of today Idaho has not withdrawn from the WAC, nor has the school stated intentions to withdraw from the WAC.
Adding Idaho would make the Big Sky stronger, but there is a chance the conference will be stuck at 11 teams for the forseeable future.

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  1. The WAC is not going to be a very good basketball conference at all. If Idaho wants to be in such a conference good luck to them. Of course, eventually their quest to play Independent football will fail and then maybe they will want to join the Big Sky.

  2. Even before these newest additions to the WAC, Doug Fullerton stated Idaho probably wouldn't join the Big Sky until 2014. The Vandals and NMSU stand to make some money from the exit fees of the other schools, not to mention any tournament/bowl revenue from other schools.

    The WAC is going to become a traveling nightmare, because they can't be too picky from a geographic standpoint. They might get some D2 move ups like Grand Canyon, but there just aren't a lot of options in the west.