Thursday, October 4, 2012

Projecting the Big Sky Starters, Part 4

It is time for our final installment looking at the potential starters for the Big Sky teams, with two teams remaining.

G - Damon Heuir
G - Jordan Johnson
F - Jackson Stevenett
F - Tyson Koehler
F - Jaren Jeffery
FG - Chris Nsenki
FB - Wade Collie

Comments: I have said all offseason I don't have a great feel yet for Southern Utah, and it is especially true with three starters graduating from last season's team. Stevenett will be their rock, and he is good enough to be an all-conference player in his first year in the Big Sky. Heuir is the only other returning starter, having played over 31 minutes per game last year. He took excellent care of the ball last year. The frontcourt is less settled, but Koehler and Jeffery played well in limited minutes last season. I would love to hear more thoughts on SUU.

G - Jordan Richardson
G - Scott Bamforth
F - Davion Berry
F - Byron Fulton
F - Kyle Tresnak
FG - Gelaun Wheelwright
FB - Joel Bolomboy

Comments: I think by the end of the year there is a good chance that Gelaun Wheelwright will be starting at the point, but I think the more experienced Richardson will get the nod right away. There is still enough talent on this team to win the Big Sky, as they will have nice balance and depth at all positions. If Wheelwright can take the starting job and start to scratch the surface of his potential, it will surprise nobody if the Wildcats win the Big Sky. Scott Bamforth is a stud at the two spot, and will score tons of points. I will have more on Davion Berry soon, but it seems those in the know don't have enough good things to say about his ability. The frontcourt will be deep, as both Frank Otis and James Hajek will see playing time as well. Bolomboy is so talented he should see some time right away.

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  1. Wouldn't be surprised if Otis starts over Fulton, if he can stay healthy. Weber will really need his rebounding as Fulton and Tresnak aren't really strong in that department.

  2. On second thought, Fulton isn't a bad rebounder. But I still think Otis will probably start.

  3. Am I the only one that thinks that Weber St is the best team in the big sky and better than last year?

  4. Yep, could definitely see Otis starting... or Bolomboy or Hajek getting more minutes than expected. They have lots of enviable depth.

  5. And to the last commenter... I am starting to think as well that Weber State might be the best team in the Big Sky...