Friday, July 22, 2011

Damian Lillard is the 90th Best Player in America

According to Basketball Prospectus.

From the article:

Lillard was redshirted after mid-December foot surgery. The deserving 2010 Big Sky Player of the Year put up a scorching 112 offensive rating on 33 percent possession-usage in a nine-game tear before his injury.

Thoughts? My guess is Lillard would have been higher ranked if he had been healthy all year last season, but he will have time to show America his talent this year with a solid team in Weber St.

Lillard was also the only player out of the Big Sky to make the Top 100, though I suspect there will be a few more Big Sky players who might merit such an honor by the end of the season. Anyone else you think should have made the top 100?

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