Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rumor: Gabe Rogers, James Douglas, and Colin Gruber May Transfer From Northern Arizona

I am not reporting this as a fact at all, but as a rumor that I heard as being possible.

There is a chance, depending on who the new head coach will be, that Gabe Rogers, James Douglas, and Colin Gruber could transfer away from Northern Arizona.

It would obviously be a huge loss if it happens... Rogers was one of the best shooters in the conference two years ago, Douglas was one of the best freshmen in the conference last season, and Gruber showed promise in fairly limited time as a freshman. Whoever the new head coach will be, this could be his first recruiting job - convincing the current players to stick around.

This would further make it so that NAU should act quickly to hire a head coach. They have known that they will need one since last December, when Mike Adras resigned/was forced out, so they arguably shouldn't have waited this long. They will need to make a decision soon to stop some of the bleeding that is going on with the basketball program right now. This isn't like an alternative business loan that takes care of itself, someone should be acting to fix this.

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  1. Rogers will benefit from leaving, his game did not mesh with the team that NAU had and him going and being around better talent is best for him. He is a very talented player, watch out for him I BELIEVE THIS IS A GREAT MOVE.

  2. Apparently Coach Murphy tried to get Douglas and Gruber to stay but to no avail. Rogers is likely to stay because he has few other options this late in his career and coming off such a poor year.


  3. Rumors are Weaver is transferring as well