Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shawn Reid Transfers From Montana State

From Gidal Kaiser of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle came the news late last week that Shawn Reid has decided to transfer from Montana State.

Shawn Reid might be the biggest non-graduation loss in Huse’s tenure. Why? 479 points, 169 rebounds and 80 3-pointers in his first two official seasons. We charted his sophomore year in a blog earlier, but here it is again.
Reid told Kaiser that the biggest reason for leaving did not have to do with basketball, but more about the fact that he simply wasn't very happy in Bozeman, and that it did not fit his lifestyle at all.

On the court, it's a big loss for MSU. Reid was their best offensive player at the end of last season (after Blount got hurt), and would only have been a junior. He was counted on to be the focal point of the offense late in the year, and he responded with some nice games.

He was solid in the midrange, and could keep you honest beyond the three-point mark. On a team without a lot of guys that could create their own shot, he could do that. His presence could also be felt in recruiting. Good looking PG recruit Marcus Colbert has committed to the Bobcats, but he was a high school teammate of Reid, which surely was a draw. Hopefully that won't affect his decision to come to Montana State.

Redshirt sophomore Tor Anderson also will transfer. He redshirted this past year with injury problems.

EDIT: Gidal Kaiser tells me has spoken to Colbert's high school coach, who says that Colbert remains firmly committed to Montana State. So that, at least, is good.

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