Monday, April 30, 2012

Dreon Bartlett Will Be A Hornet

Sacramento State has signed their fifth player of the recruiting class, as guard Dreon Bartlett will be coming aboard. Brown is a 6'2'' combo guard that was a high school teammate of Dylan Garrity, so that likely helped bring him to Sacramento State.

ESPN's scouting report had this to say about him, as of last September:

Barlett has an ideal scoring guard frame with long arms and high hips. He is wiry athlete who is quite springy out in transition and while attacking the basket. He can explode to the rim off the dribble or pull-up and hit the mid-range jump shot (good lift).

Barlett needs to continue to polish his ball skills. While being tightly defended his ball handling can get a bit sloppy. In addition, he needs to continue to smoothen out his jump shot out to the stripe. Defensively, he plays to straight up and down and needs to bend his knees to improve his lateral quickness.

Bottom Line:
Barlett is more prospect than player at this stage and will probably need a couple of seasons of community college to hone his skills, but the upside is there.
Bartlett is a guy that has good athletic ability and burst, but needs to get better handling the ball (especially if he plays any PG, which he may need to do at his height) and needs to improve his jumpshot. It should be interesting to watch his development.

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