Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gabe Rogers Wins The Scoring Title

Gabe Rogers of Northern Arizona won the Big Sky scoring title this year, so wanted to write just a few words about him.

He averaged a league-leading 18.1 PPG for whole year, and upped that to 20.1 PPG during conference games. At times, it seemed that he was the only offense for Northern Arizona, and defenses keyed on him for most of the year (I remember seeing a box-and-one used to try and contain him). Still, he was consistent for the Lumberjacks, and the biggest reason that they made the conference tournament.

There was good and bad things about his game, but let's focus on the good for this post. Despite all of the attention, and the fact that at times there was not a lot of other guys that were shot-creators on the team, NAU was in the middle of the pack in terms of offensive efficiency in the Big Sky. That was in large part due to Rogers.

His shooting percentages don't look great - he shot 42% from twos (bad) and 37% from three (not bad). But I think that part of those percentages are skewed because of the fact that he had to take a lot of shots for them, during times when the shot clock was winding down, etc. He scored 22+ points in 11 of the Jacks last 14 games.

Rogers was a first-team Big Sky player, a nice reward for a stellar senior season. He will be missed big-time by Northern Arizona next season.

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