Monday, March 11, 2013

Kareem Jamar is the Big Sky Player of the Year

Kareem Jamar has been named the Big Sky Player of the Year. If you read my article last week, I had Jamar as my POY as well, so I agree with that selection.

Here is the full rundown of the awards:

Most Valuable Player – Kareem Jamar, Montana
Newcomer of the Year – Davion Berrry , Weber State
Freshman of the Year – Venky Jois, Eastern Washington
Defensive Player of the Year - Will Cherry, Montana

First Team All-Big Sky Conference
Kareem Jamar, Montana (unanimous)
Troy Huff, North Dakota (unanimous)
Davion Berry, Weber State
Derrick Barden, Northern Colorado
Scott Bamforth, Weber State
Gabe Rogers, Northern Arizona
Will Cherry, Montana

Second Team All-Big Sky Conference
Mathias Ward, Montana
Jackson Stevenett, Southern Utah
Tate Unruh, Northern Colorado
Kyle Tresnak, Weber State
Aaron Anderson, North Dakota
Damon Heuir, Southern Utah

Honorable Mention All-Big Sky Conference
Christian Moon, Montana State
Flavien Davis, Montana State
John Dickson, Sacramento State
Dylan Garrity, Sacramento State
Chris Hansen, Idaho State
Jordan Gregory, Montana
Stallon Saldivar, Northern Arizona
Aaron Moore, Portland State
Frank Otis, Weber State

I will eventually have a lot more to write about when it comes to the awards... but upon first glance, I can't see anything at all that seems outrageous and noteworthy. All the selections seem rather sound.

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  1. Seems very bias to me. Dewayne Russell not on this list at all? Hmmmm

  2. IMO Russell is the biggest omission for sure. But if the biggest complaint is that a guy probably should have been an HM and wasn't, that's not too bad.

    I think he deserved to make it, but it's not egregious that he was not, in my opinion.

  3. very disappointing as a big sky fan. I've always give credit where credit is due. But here, once again, the big sky has to show obvious favoritism to Montana.

    First off, Kareem is a good well-rounded player, but no way shape or form am i impressed with him to be player of the year. You put him on a EWU, or an IDaho State and wouldn't be in the discussion. I truly believe Barden, Berry or Huff were much more deserving of that award, and I like Jamar, nothing against him at all.

    Jamar averaged 13 points, (Second on his team), 5 reb. and 3 assist; decent numbers, not amazing. Berry, Huff and Barden numbers were much more impressive; but because he's on montana and we all know how much the big sky loves montana, it had to be someone from that school.

    Next, how in the world was Cherry 1st team, and defensive player of the year. Im sorry but I can name 10 players who arent better players, BUT had a much better season tha Cherry. But again because it's Montana and the name Will Cherry is so popular, they throw him on there anyway. He was third in steals, why would Webb (number 1 in steals) get that award? or Seifert from EWU who averaged almost 3 blocks a game.

    This league is very bias and seem to go off of whatever thes beat writer say. Very ashamed of this league that I have supported for years and years.

    And I frankly can care less who has something to say about my comments, because Im saying things that people are afraid to say.

    1. The head coaches vote for the all-conference awards, so if by the "league" you mean the conference office, you are wrong to blame them. And coaches are not allowed to vote for their own team members. Seems like a fair process to me.