Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eagles POV Look at Jim Hayford

An excellent Eastern Washington site takes a look at the first season for Jim Hayford.

To me, the goods have more than counterbalanced the bads, and I am excited for what next season could be, with Weber State and Montana once again projected to be the favorites, but Eastern with a shot to mess up both of their dance plans.
I tend to agree. Not all was rosy, as there were constant problems that he was unable to solve this year, but I thought on the whole it was a successful season. More than anything, I think he has a good plan in place for a bright future. He is solid on the recruiting trail, solid coach, and has brought in a good staff.

I think it will still take him a couple years to get the program into the consistent top 4 range (as he will have a lot of new guys next year), this is a program that I think is trending to be one of the best in the Big Sky.

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