Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Few Bracket Predictions

Just a few thoughts and predictions for the NCAA Tournament.

First, as I wrote about yesterday, I really do believe Montana can and beat Wisconsin. It will be a defensive grinder, slow-paced, and will be very dependent on which team can hit a few shots. I think Jamar will hit his share, and I like Montana to win 58-55.

Other predictions:
- Final Four of Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio State, and North Carolina, with Kentucky topping Ohio State for the title.
- I like Michigan State to be the first 1 seed to lose, falling to Memphis in Round 3. I am taking the Tigers to the Elite Eight.I have Syracuse losing to Vanderbilt in the Sweet 16, UNC losing to Ohio State in the Final Four, and then Kentucky winning it all.
- 10 seeds or higher I am picking to win in round 1 - Xavier, Montana, Texas, West Virginia, South Florida, NC State, Belmont, and Purdue. Of those teams, I have South Florida and Belmont going to the Sweet 16.

What does your bracket look like?

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  1. No kidding! That one ruined my bracket, who cares!! Missouri and Duke, 2 two seeds losing in the same day... that was AWESOME!