Friday, March 30, 2012

Nick Robinson Hired to Coach Southern Utah

As recently as a couple days ago, Barret Peery was reportedly the frontrunner for the Southern Utah head coaching job. Apparently, that information was not accurate.

Nick Robinson was hired on Thursday to be the next head coach of the Thunderbirds. Robinson graduated from Stanford in 2005, and most recently was an assistant coach at LSU.

"Nick is exactly what this program needs," Beazer said. "He comes to us with the highest of recommendations. He's a tireless worker and an outstanding recruiter and we believe that he and his family will fit well into the community.
It appears to be a bit of a risk given his relatively short track record. He is just 32 years old, and has never been a head coach before.

However, I like the hiring a lot. Sometimes low-majors have to take a bit of a risk with an unproven coach, and that can be a good way to hit a homerun. To work at a low-major requires passion and energy, and that is something that Robinson seems to have in spades.

He comes with a strong track record (and recent playing experience will surely be a nice draw for recruits) and is very highly recommended by Trent Johnson, a respected coach in his own right.

He is obviously not a guy that comes with a big pedigree, but that is OK in a conference like the Big Sky. He has a lot of energy, and is a very smart guy. He should be able to win recruits, and he has been on the staff of an excellent coach for the last few years. Time will tell obviously how this turns out, but I like the job by Southern Utah.

And of course, this brings up a great chance to show this video:

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  1. Sounds like Peery didn't interview well. Not sure I'm sold on Robinson, but best of luck to him.